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Top 7 Reasons why you are not getting interviews (Infographic)

I’m sure you’ve wondered why you are not getting any interviews. Believe it or not, there are some things you can control and others you cannot. Take control of what you can change, and make them now. Don't delay, you're closer to your next job than you think. Feel...

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How to optimize your resume

Have you ever wondered what others are doing to get noticed? What are they putting in their resume to get them more interviews? Is there some sort of secret that you are missing out on? Your resume probably needs optimization that an overhaul. There are some simple...

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How to make your resume stand out

I’m sure you’ll agree, that it’s tough to get an interview these days. Many people are shocked that they are not getting called for interviews. Rushing to send out a “cookie cutter resume” after you see a job on indeed WON’T cut it anymore. What’s the secret to...

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6 easy ways on how to make your resume stand out [Infographic]

I’m sure you’ve wondered how to make your resume stand out. What resume tricks are required?  Do you need specific resume buzzwords? How do you get recognized by the employer? There is no magic on what you should put on your resume to make you stand out.  It’s...

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Not getting interviews? (Make your resume stand out)

Are you not getting interviews?  You probably think that you’re doing everything right.  Great resume, check. Cover letter, check. Good Experience, check.  But how come you can’t get your foot in the door? There are robots, resume robots to be clear, manning the...

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Lying on your resume (Don’t get caught)

Lying on your resume, you may agree, happens more often than you think. Many have had the urge to write something on your resume which may not be 100% true.  Maybe it's not a lie, but it's definitely not the truth.  At the end of the day, you don't feel bad about the...

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Why am I not getting any interviews? (The real reasons)

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that looking for a job is stressful and time consuming.  You’ll question why you are not getting any interviews.  You may question your skill set, or even your approach. Regardless of how you feel, you need to do things differently. ...

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Best Job Search Techniques to use (2017 version)

With so many job search tools at your fingertips, and so many sites serving up job openings, you would THINK that it would be easy to find a new job.  I’m sure you have noticed that it’s a lot tougher than it seems. No need to stress, but you have to switch gears....

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9 Resume Tips to Boost your Resume (Quickly)

Your Resume plays a key role in a job selection process. It represents you and paves way to grab your employer’s attention. A good resume is one which highlights the key points for a job role. There are various methods to create an appealing resume, apart from the traditional format. Here are some of the Resume Tips to enhance the employer view of your profile.

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