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How can help with my resume?

  • Our goal is to assist you with your resume by pointing out areas of improvement related to keywords. You tell us the job you are targeting, and also give us your resume, and we give you insight into gaps in your resume. Fill the gaps by updating your resume and increase your chances at getting an interview.
  • Get the upper hand on other job seekers, by using our resume scanning solution, we give you an advantage one keyword at a time.

How does work?

    • We utilize our resume scanning technology, similar to what companies use when you apply for a job. We compare your resume to the job you are targeting, and match keyword for keyword to see what you should include in your resume to increase your chances of passing the employers scanning software.

What if keywords don’t match from the Resume and Job Description?

      • If your resume lacks keywords that the employer is seeking, we will list the keywords you should include in your resume. It’s really that simple.

What’s it cost to use

      • We are a completely FREE solution. If you click on our social media links in our header or footer, we will be forever grateful.

Do you use the same technology companies use to scan resumes?

      • There are hundreds of solutions for scanning resumes, and various organizations have a preference for one or another. Our technology is very similar, and it’s essential to have your resume scanned by our system before applying for a job.

How effective is the scanning process?

    • It’s difficult to measure the effectiveness precisely, but we our confident that it will prove informative as you get a detailed list of keywords and other analysis. Give it a try to find out for yourself.
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