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Optimize your resume

Have you ever wondered what others are doing to get noticed?

What are they putting in their resume to get them more interviews?

Is there some sort of secret that you are missing out on?

Your resume probably needs optimization that an overhaul.

There are some simple changes you can make to your resume, and some are very obvious that people simply overlook them.

What is Resume Optimization?

If your goal is to get a job, then you need to make sure you check off all of the needs of the employer.  That mean, you have to be qualified, you need to have a solid skill set, you may need some specific education.

This is nothing new.

But, do you even change your resume from job to job, or do you just send in your standard resume and hope to get an interview?

Resume Optimization involves a bit of work, and knowledge of what employers are looking for.

Step 1 – Fix your current resume

Here are some quick and simple fixes you can do which could make our resume look and feel more professional:

  • Remove your picture if you have one shown
  • Get to the point, don’t include long winded sentences
  • Use a standard font size Arial or Courier between 10 and 14 font sizes
  • Don’t include anything too personal
  • Interests should generally not be included, they make people pre-judge you
  • Keep formatting simple (unless you are a designer of some sort)
  • Avoid color on your resume
  • Don’t embellish the facts, you’ll get caught sooner or later
  • Avoid spelling errors

Step 2 – Optimize your resume

There are a few ways to quickly optimize your resume.  Remember, the goal is to market your skillset to the employer, and that means you have to wow them in more ways than one.

Here are some quick ways to do just that:

  • Show you are a difference maker, put examples of improvements
  • Add #’s and %’s to quantify your impact
  • Show progression within each position you have worked
  • Show progression of your career from one position to another
  • Prove that you have gained more responsibility over time
  • Indicate any awards you achieved
  • Include something positive a co-worker has said about you
  • Put a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Read the Job Description for Keywords

These are all great tips, and we’ll give you more insight on the last one.  Your resume will be scanned by the employer when you apply.  They don’t manually check each resume, only the handful of applications that make it through the scanning process.

How do you get past the scanner?

Why would you use a resume scanner online?


Most companies use resume scanning programs known as applicant tracking systems. These programs will scan through your resume picking up on specific keywords required by the company looking for employees for a specific position.


Your resume will need to be in a format that is able to be read by the ATS systems and contain a reasonable percentage of keywords before it is passed through the ATS system and can then be seen by an HR Manager or hiring Manager at a company. Some online companies have automated software that has been developed by using the most common algorithms used by the ATS systems and have created a resume scanner program to do what the ATS system normally would and give you feedback.


The resume scanner systems online allow you to paste a copy of your resume and a copy of the job advertisement into the resume scanner, which then specific algorithms to determine the keywords needed and if you have them in your resume. If you have a low percentage of keywords in your resume, you are likely to be stopped by the ATS systems and your resume will not be seen by an actual person at the relevant company.


It’s important to remember, resume scanners can’t check everything.


A resume scanner program is great for checking your keyword density, which is one of the main criteria in getting your resume to the next step. You need to ensure that your resume is readable by the ATS software, or all the keywords you have added make no difference.


Try to implement these easy to follow steps into your resume, and increase your chances at getting an interview.

Remember, our goal is to turn your job search into a new job.  Use our resume scanner today to get the edge over other job seekers.  As a new user, you get a free trial, so sign up today.
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