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Resume Scanner for Resume Keywords

Resume Scanner for Job seekers

Get the resume keywords you need for a specific job

Get more interviews

Our goal is to increase the amount of interviews you get by telling you exactly the keywords you need to put into your resume

Keywords are Key

Robots will scan your resume for keywords when you apply.  We tell you exactly what keywords you need in your resume, by comparing it to your target job.

Beat the Competition

Your resume will be compared against others, using our resume scanner will give you the edge you need to get noticed. Get ahead of the competition.

Get Resume Keywords in Seconds

Simply the easiest way to enhance your resume

Resume Please!

You provide us with your current resume which we will scan and inspect with out technology.

Job Description Please!

Tell us what job you are interested in by pasting the job description, and we’ll examine it in detail for specific keywords.

Drum Roll Please!

We’ll compare your resume to the job description and tell you exactly what keywords you should add before you apply. Gain on the competition.
What’s everyone saying
A quick way to see what keywords the job requires.  I got the resume buzzwords in a simple format, and worked them into my resume. Simple, fast and cheap! Jessica Daniels


I never thought it was possible to see what the employers see in my resume before.   I was able to get resume keywords I needed, and worked them into my resume. Ted Roberts

Senior Operations Manager

I always get the rejection emails from employers, I started to put in specific resume keywords, and I started to get interviews.  For only a few dollars, I started to see results. Aman Dhillon

Marketing Manager

It’s super cheap

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Copy and Paste your Resume and Job Description

Step 1: Paste Resume

Clear resume

Step 2: Paste Job Description

Clear job description

Ways to Improve your Resume

6 easy ways on how to make your resume stand out [Infographic]

I’m sure you’ve wondered how to make your resume stand out. What resume tricks are required?  Do you need specific resume buzzwords? How do you get recognized by the employer? There is no magic on what you should put on your resume to make you stand out.  It’s...

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Not getting interviews? (Make your resume stand out)

Are you not getting interviews?  You probably think that you’re doing everything right.  Great resume, check. Cover letter, check. Good Experience, check.  But how come you can’t get your foot in the door? There are robots, resume robots to be clear, manning the...

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Lying on your resume (Don’t get caught)

Lying on your resume, you may agree, happens more often than you think. Many have had the urge to write something on your resume which may not be 100% true.  Maybe it's not a lie, but it's definitely not the truth.  At the end of the day, you don't feel bad about the...

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