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not getting any interviews

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, that looking for a job is stressful and time consuming.  You’ll question why you are not getting any interviews.  You may question your skill set, or even your approach.

Regardless of how you feel, you need to do things differently.  What you have been doing is not working, and if you continue investing timing into something that’s not working, you are bound to be disappointed.

You need to make some changes, adjust things, look at things differently, and you will get more interviews.

Your next interview is coming up sooner than you think

How will you succeed in getting a new job, if you are feeling down? You have to believe in yourself.  So, list 5 skills that you possess and know will benefit your future boss.  Write it down right now.

Regardless of what your list looks like, you should have a list.  Use this as an opportunity to reset your frame of mind.  There generally comes a time when all job seekers get pessimistic.  They stop believing in themselves and they feel they will never find another job.  That list proves you have skills, now you just have to show others that you have marketable skills.

As simple as it may seem, you may be sabotaging yourself.  You probably don’t care about fixing up the cover letter any more, you may not even read the job description.  You simply add your cookie cutter resume and cover letter and hope for the best.

There should be no hoping in your job search.  Adjust your frame of mind.  Right. Now.

# of weeks it takes to find a job

Should I customize my resume for each job?

Yes, you do need to customize your resume.  It’s a pain in the butt to customize a resume or even a cover letter, but if you don’t spend this extra effort, you risk losing out to others who do.

You may be wondering, what needs to be customized in your resume.  Essentially, your resume needs to show the employer that you meet their needs for the specific job they are hiring for.  The job description has all of the details you need to customize your resume.  You need to be able to pick out the important details in a job description.  Focus on the requirements section, but also get a sense of the soft skills that are required as you read the job posting.

Some of the sections of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System):

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Volunteering

The ATS splits up your application so it can compare your details against others and job openings.

What parts of my resume do I customize?

You only have to tweak your resume with points from the job description.  Your resume is a fluid document, which should in essence be complete.  Make sure your summary clearly demonstrates that you have the skills and experience.

Work in some job description keywords in to your experience.  Most large companies will use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to scan your resume for keywords.  So, make sure you include them in various sections of your resume.

I sent my resume now what?

Your next move should be to document the position you applied for, the company, changes you made to your resume, what key skill set you thought this company was seeking.  So, you need to keep track of your job search using a spreadsheet.  This way, you’ll have some stats at your disposal to use for other jobs.  You’ll also start to notice trends on the key skills needed in today’s job market.

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