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resume tips

It seems like everyone these days has some sort of resume tips, tricks or hacks.

Maybe it’s the style or your resume, or maybe you need to add something creative.  Some people don’t even have a resume and strictly use LinkedIn. If you are confused and just want the simple and practical steps to revamp your resume, you have arrived at the right place.

Putting together a great resume is mostly science with a bit of art.

Resume Tips – Simple ways to make an impact

Just like every employer is different, so is every job seeker.  You don’t want to be like everyone else, you just want to be better in the eyes of the employer.  With these simple tips, you’ll be able to enhance your resume and get more interviews.


  • Keywords: Include relevant keywords. Pick the important keywords from the job description and embed them in the right places. The resumes are scanned using scanning software. This software selects the resumes with utmost matching of keywords. Identify the important keywords and frame them into precise sentences, or use our service here, it’ll do the job really well. After all, may companies use similar software as we use.


  • Focused: Focus mainly on matching your skills with the ones required in the job description. Enhance the points which facilitate your previous work with current portfolio. Your focus should be to convince your employer that you are the best choice for this profile and not just an option in a pool of many candidates. Delete the redundant points which don’t add weight to the new profile.


  • Summary: Write a summary of not more than five points about your entire work experience and skills. Write in bullet points. Make the points accurate to hit the right note with respect to the new job description. This should give an idea to the employer about your capabilities and skills, as they are not interested in proof-reading your entire resume


  • One Page: Your resume should give an opinion to the employer as to what makes you the ideal candidate for the job. Try to keep it to one page by showing up the keywords and important points. Lengthy resumes are not chosen or reviewed by the employers.


  • Be honest: It is best to be honest about what you know. The tone of your resume and yourself should be the same. Do not exaggerate skills or keywords in the resume, as you may be cornered in the interview, although your resume will qualify the scanning.


  • Tone of the Resume: Carry a subtle tone with your resume. Don’t advertise negative experiences or state salaries. Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or errors in writing a resume.


  • Update regularly: Keep updating your resume with latest skills, certifications or experiences acquired. Don’t send a stale resume to the employers.


  • Restructure: The resume can be restructured to make it visually more appealing. Although it is rare to find resumes with many colors, you can customize the layout and add charts, bullet points and other elements which are easy to understand. Remember, restructuring a resume is an experiment unless you master it. So it is advised not to create more ambiguity. Keep a minimalist design while adding more colors and changing its layout.


  • Templates: Various templates can be kept in hand and the data can be modified according to the job description before applying to the opening.

Remember, your resume is a sales pitch.  You are trying to convince the employer that you would be a great addition to their team.

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