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Resume Scanner - Sample Scan

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  • Your resume has 740 words, which is very reasonable.
  • The Job Description has 424 words, which provides enough details for our analysis.
  • You have 5 years of work experience which should be beneficial.
  • The education requirements on your resume are not sufficient for this job.
  • Your resume shows that you have experience in the same industry as this job requires.


  • Your average position length is 1 year.
  • The employer may think you lack loyalty, make sure you have a valid reason once you get the interview.
  • Be sure to add some additional keywords from the section below.


Resume Skills
Job Skills
  • You have 24 skills in your resume.
  • The job description is seeking someone with 25 amount of skills.

Adoption Rate
Goal Percentage
  • The Skill Adoption Rate is 12%.This shows how many of the keywords from the job description are currently in your resume.
  • We have a list of keywords that you should add to increase this rate, they are found under 'Job Description Skills' section below.

Resume Skills

What an Employer sees when they scan your resume

SkillYearsLast used
Lotus notes 2 2015-01-01
International financial reporting standards (ifrs) 1 2015-01-01
Generally accepted accounting principles 4 2015-01-01
Gaap 4 2015-01-01
Financial statements 4 2015-01-01
Equity 1 2015-01-01
Documentation 1 2015-01-01
Derivatives 1 2015-01-01
Cash flow 2 2015-01-01
Kyc 2 2012-01-01
Due diligence 2 2012-01-01
Audit 2 2012-01-01
Aml (macro lang) 2 2012-01-01
Account manager 2 2012-01-01
Accounting 4 2010-01-01
Journal entries 4 2010-01-01
Account reconciliation 2 2010-01-01
General accounting 3 2008-01-01
Bank reconciliation 2 2008-01-01
Accruals 2 2008-01-01
Financial 4 -
Private equity 1 -
Fund accounting 1 -
Financial reporting 2 -

Job Description Skills

The skills an Employer is seeking

SkillPhraseFound in Resume
Financial analyze financial information for SMS Canada
Accounting Accounting course.
Account reconciliation complete account reconciliations
Sms analyze financial information for SMS Canada
Leadership * Sysco's Leadership Framework Basics
Internet Internet applications.
Framework * Sysco's Leadership Framework Basics
Collection -
Billing * Identify process improvements in the Central Billing process
Written communication skills * Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to communicate with all
Time management * Excellent time management
System administration including systems administration
Process improvements * Identify process improvements in the Central Billing process
Problem solving -
Microsoft word * Proficient in Microsoft Office Tools including Word
Microsoft outlook Outlook
Microsoft office * Proficient in Microsoft Office Tools including Word
Microsoft excel Excel
Information technology with IT
Impromptu (app dev tool) Impromptu
Ibm as/400 AS400
Financial industry Corporate Office's Finance department.
Analytical skills -
Accounts receivable reconcile A/R
Accounts payable * Provide administration of Accounts Payable transactions.