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tough time with your job search

Are you having a tough time with your job search?

You look day in and day out and even get emails on job postings, some of which you are perfectly qualified for and some you dream you had the correct credentials.  If you’re anything like most people, you don’t apply to each and every job posting, at least not at the beginning you don’t.  Once desperation sets in, it’s a different story though isn’t it?

Not to worry, things will get better, let’s figure things out from here.

I’m having a tough time, and I doubt I’ll be able to find anything

You’re employable if you have some skills and you have great work ethic. It doesn’t matter what you want to do, it’s safe to say you can find A job if not THE job you want.  Your attitude and game plan will dictate what position you are able to secure.  First off, fix your attitude.

Don’t sulk and wine, everything will work out, convince yourself of this, this should be the easy part.

Change your resume game plan

Employers these days are super smart, they will scope out the internet and investigate what you like to do on the weekends through your social media posts.  Don’t worry, they will only snoop around if you the selected candidate.  So, if you have the desire to be snooped on, pick up your game ASAP!

We provide a tool you can use to your advantage, to spruce up your resume with the keywords companies are looking for.  Not just any company, but the specific job you are looking for.  You are aware that companies use keyword scanning software to scope out great candidates aren’t you?  Assuming your answer is the opposite of NO, pick up your game by getting subscription today. We offer a FREE trial to get started, so you have nothing to lose.

According to The Muse


Some additional reminders to keep you motivated:


  •  You Can’t Compare Yourself to Anyone Else
  •  You Can’t Lose Confidence in Your Abilities
  • You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off the Goal
  • You Can’t Let This Process Consume You

No More Excuses – You can do this!

If you happen to be using a cookie-cutter resume for each and every job you apply to, you have figured out why you are not getting selected for interviews.  If other candidates are sprucing up their resumes by tailoring to the specific job description they are targeting, it’s pretty obvious that employers will naturally see a better skill set fit.  Stop making excuses for yourself and start customizing your resume for the job you want.

You can do this, just believe in yourself.

Sources: The Muse

Remember, our goal is to turn your job search into a new job.  Use our resume scanner today to get the edge over other job seekers.  As a new user, you get a free trial, so sign up today.
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